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Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card
Glory Gold Card

Glory Gold Card

HyperCard is a comprehensive consumer card that allows you to recharge digital currency and enjoy global payments. It supports consumption in over 176 countries and with 50 million merchants worldwide. You can use it on various terminals such as POS machines and ATMs.

 As a global standard credit card, HyperCard supports binding with third-party payment companies for transactions. Every payment you make with HyperCard is secure, and your consumer privacy is protected by law.

 You deserve to have HyperCard.

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Hassle-free Withdrawal
HyperCard allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide in the local currency. For CNY withdrawals, the daily limit is 1000 euros, and the monthly limit is 3000 euros. If the withdrawal limit is reached and you continue to withdraw CNY, the card will restrict deposit and may be frozen. Please use the card within the withdrawal limits. Online and offline purchases are not subject to these limits.
Global Payments
As a global standard prepaid card, HyperCard supports linking with third-party payment companies. In the EU region, there are no transaction fees for purchases. Every payment made with HyperCard is secure, and your transaction privacy is protected by law. Deposit your digital currency and enjoy global payments at over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide.
Simple Application
Applying for a HyperCard is easy and the approval process is fast. There are no KYC fees involved. Once your digital currency is deposited to HyperCard, it can be instantly converted to fiat currency, eliminating the hassle of complicated processes and cash payments.
Fast Deposit
HyperCard offers fast and secure exchange and deposit services between crypto and fiat currencies. Currently, HyperCard supports 23+ mainstream cryptocurrencies for depositing, including BTC, ETH, USDT, and more.
High Rebates
The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will enjoy, including lower deposit fees, current account earnings, and referral commissions from inviting friends. For more details, please refer to the rebate interface.
Card Specifications
Card Details
• Card Type: Physical Card
• Issuing Country: Lithuania
• Currency: Euro
• Card Opening Fee: $149
• Card Maintenance Fee: €1/month
• Spending Limit: €10,000/day
• Estimated Delivery Time: 7 days
• Partial Platform Support: PayPal/Amazon/Alipay/WeChat/Meituan/eBay/Indesi
Application Instructions
• Passport is required for application
• Applicants must be 18 years or older
• Each card type can only be applied for once per identification document
Transaction Rules
• Account Balance Limit €100,000.00
• Monthly Recharge Limit €100,000.00
• Daily Recharge Limit €10,000.00
• Daily Payment Limit €100,000.00
• ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit €1,000.00
• ATM Per Transaction Withdrawal Limit €500.00
• ATM Minimum Withdrawal Amount €10.00
• Monthly Management Fee €1.00
• Recharge Fee 2%
• ATM Withdrawal Fee 2% (not less than €3.00)
• ATM Balance Inquiry Fee €0.70
• Non-EEA Consumption Fee 2% (minimum €0.60)

What is HyperCard?

HyperCard is a comprehensive consumer card that integrates cross-border payment, consumption, asset storage, and fast exchange. It can be used in more than 176 countries, over 50 million merchants in the world by connecting crypto currency with fiat currency. HyperCard provides you with perfect and smooth payment experience for shopping, entertainment, travel and other consumption around the world. HyperCard is easy to apply for, and can get rid of card frozen. Crypto currency can be converted to fiat currency in real time after being deposited to HyperCard, eliminating cumbersome processes and the inconvenience of paying cash.The safety of payment is guaranteed, and consumer privacy is protected by law. HyperCard creates a new scenario of financial payment that is easy to use, convenient, flexible, and highly secure.

What HyperCard can do?

a Receive, store, exchange BTC, ETH, USDT and other currencies

b Withdraw cryptocurrency to your personal bank account

c Use crypto currency to pay in daily life

d Open company accounts and accept payment in crypto currency

What advantages does HyperCard have?

Fast Deposit: Deposti&exchange arrived without delay

Simple Process: Easy application, simple operation

High Limit: Daily consumption cap limite of USD 50,000

Global Payment: Available in over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide

How to apply for HyperCard?

a Download the HyperPay App and register

b Apply for HyperCard

c Submit KYC documents and pass the certification

d HyperCard received

What is the difference between virtual cards and physical cards?

Both virtual cards and physical cards support online payment once linking to the third party APP, while physical cards can also be used in most ATMs and POS terminals. The virtual card can be activated and used within 48 hours, and the physical card generally takes 1-2 months for production and delivery

How long does it take to make the card? How to track my package?

When the status of your card is displayed from "applying" to "creating", it means that the card is being produced. Generally speaking, it takes 1-2 months (without the interference from force majeure such as epidemic and customs deduction) for physical cards to be produced and sent. If you haven’t received your package after the estimated time, you can provide your email address for the customer service and ask them to check. If your card has been sent, the customer service will give you the tracking number and the URL available for inquiry.

How do I activate my card after receiving it?

This is the tutorial to activate the physical card:


Activation requirements:

When taking the photo to activate the card, you need to hold the plastic card in one hand, hold the passport in the other hand, and completely expose your face. Please make sure that the information of the passport and the plastic card number on the photo is clearly visible and intact.

Activation result:

After the photo is submitted, the bank will review it within 48 hours. After it is approved, the card status will be displayed as "deposit"; if it failed, it will be notified on the app, and the reason for the failure will be sent to your email. Please resubmit after re-shooting the photo following the requirements.

How can I deposit? When will the depositarrive?

Open HyperPay App, enter the HyperCard page, and you can select the applied card to deposit. The currencies currently supported for deposit include BTC, ETH, USDT, and more will be supported in the future. On the working day, the deposit will be completed within 24 hours, but on the non-working day, the deposit processing will be postponed to the working day. For USD physical card, the first deposit will be automatically deducted a certain amount for the annual fee of $60.

Can HyperCard be linked to the Internet platform for consumption?

HyperCard supports the use of most Internet platforms, but those platforms need to support VISA and MasterCard payment. If there is any unsuccessful payment, you can contact customer service for help by providing the screenshot, card type, and the card issuing email.

Introduction to HyperCard Virtual Credit Card

HyperPay|HyperCard Top digital crypto virtual credit card, support Visa|MasterCard|UnionPay, mainly suitable for business trips/shopping/cash withdrawal (no load). It's a global card that covers 5000 million merchants in 176 countries. The world’s first new business cryptocurrency credit card: no need to deposit, repayment after consumption, 0 interest, total credit up to $200,000/month. Immediately payment in USDT | BTC | ETH, etc. globally. HyperCard online application for free for a limited time.The best the easiest to get for the first digital virtual card, no KYC required, no country restriction, 0 threshold (the best guarantee for bad credit), no annual fee (free/no fee), 24-hour from application to use. HyperCard debit card: The highest consumption limit on the entire network, $50,000/day to no upper limit. Support deposit of all kinds of mainstream currencies with super low fee and fast speed. It can be linked to PayPal/Google Pay/Apple Pay, etc.The highest cash-back rebate ever provided: 70% rebate on card sign-up, 30% rebate on deposit, and 10% APY on the balance in the card. The highest commission ever provided: Physical card can also be applied easily and be shipped to you. Make money on every transaction, and realize wealth freedom!